Welcome to sign up for the Nordic Biodynamic Forum of 2016!

This year our theme will be SEED, an important and interesting subject for everybody that are cultivating.The Forum will be kept mainly at Skillebyholm, Järna, south of Stockholm. We start on Friday 18 at 16.00 and plan to finish at 14.00 on Sunday 20. (CET)
You book your ticket easily by our web-booking.
The price to participate is set at 1 200 SEK. Bookings made after 4 November will have to pay a bit more, 1 500 SEK. The price includes: All lectures and workshops and visiting the newly rebuilt biodynamic dairy farm Nibble Gård. Following meals are also included:
Friday:          Coffe/tea & sandwich at arrival
                        Soup & bread for dinner
Saturday:    Coffee/tea & bisquits
                        Organic/biodynamic lunch buffé  
                        Coffee/tea & cake
Sunday:       Coffee/tea & bisquits
                       Organic/biodynamic lunch buffé
                       Coffee/tea & cake
Saturday afternoon we are planning to move to Kulturhuset, to do some worshops and, for those who wish, continue the evening with dinner and mingle at the restaurant Kulturhuset. 

Dinner for Saturday evening is not included in the price, and we need you to make a reservation in advance to participate. It will be a very nice organic buffé with a mix of warm and cold dishes for a price of 300 SEK. 

Last day for booking is set to 13 November. As soon as your booking is made an invoice will be sent to you, so no payment is done by the booking-system.

Here are some examples of where you can stay during the Forum (prices per night):

  • Kulturhuset Hotell (single fr. 1200 SEK, double fr. 1400 SEK) booking by: www.hotellkulturhuset.se, a discount of 20 % will be given to participants at the Forum.
  • Kulturcentrum Hostel (single 300 SEK, double 400 SEK) booking by: info@kulturcentrum.nu
  • Håknäs Vandrarhem, hostel (single 475 SEK, double 650 SEK) 
  • Skillebyholm bed in dormitory 100 SEK , bring your own sheets, booking by: boka@skillebyholm.com
  • Bommersvik Konferens - hotel, for booking: +8 552 410 00, or bokningen@bommersvik.se 

Welcome to join us at the Nordic Biodynamic Forum 2016,
Svenska Biodynamiska Föreningen


Program på svenska hittar du här:

16.00: Welcome, coffee & sanwich
Lecture: An antroposophic view, Kerstin Hemlin. 
18.30: Dinner
Lecture: Biodynamics in the world, Daniel Björklund Jonsson
Presentation: The Biodynamic association of Finland.
21.00 Ending the day

8.30: Lecture: Seeds for the future - Peter Brinch
10.00: Coffee
10.30: Lecture: Vegetables - grains and evolution, Moa Larsson Sundgren
12.00: Lunch
13.00: Presentation: BINGN
14.00Presentation: The biodynamic associations of Norway and Denmark
15.00: Coffee
15.30: Departure to Kulturcentrum for workshops
18.30: Dinner at Kulturhuset, with mingle, bar & live music.

: Lecture, Grains & Grasses - how older varieties can serve people today, Tina Hansen.
10.00: Coffee
10.30: Presentation: of the workshops
11:30: Presentation: The biodynamic association of Sweden.
12.00: Lunch
12.45: Departure to visit Nibble Gård
14.00: End of Forum

NB: Changes in the program might appear!